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mixed race

Feb 27 2011

Fly on the Wall

Lockhart, E.

A biracial Manhattan School of the Arts comics geek does the Metamorphosis thing, and in the body of a fly gets an eyeful in the boys' locker room. Sounds great, right? Which is why it's a little disappointing--high expectations. It's a smart romance novel, and ends on an activist note, so what am I complaining about?

Feb 22 2011
May 29 2010

Through the Cracks

Fister, Barbara

The second in librarian Barbara Fister's Anni Kosinken mystery series, Through the Cracks makes me sad. Sad because it's so good, that I think Barbara could ditch librarianship and be a full-time writer. She's a really good librarian, so it would be a serious loss to the profession.

May 28 2010
Nov 10 2009

Library Journal zine reviews column: Zines by People of Color

Thanks and congrats are due my zines bestie Celia Perez for contributing the latest Library Journal zine reviews column on Zines by People of Color.