Orderly Disorder tour: Zine Tour Zine

This summer I went on zine tour. This fall I wrote about it.

I'm going to send free copies to my tour mates and anyone who helped with the tour. If we're friends I'll probably send it to you for free, but you have to ask.

It's half-legal sized and 24 pages. The zine will sell at distros and stores for $2.

Zine correspondence should go to leslzine@gmail cxx. (figure out what the xes stand for)

I accept cash through the mail and have a paypal account.
Bluestockings and Quimby's also carry my zine--when I keep them stocked, anyway.

You can write to me via snail:
Jenna Freedman
203 Rivington St. #3C
New York, NY

I accept unsolicited trades only for library worker zines. I accept vegan candy from everyone.