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Dec 30 13:35

Ofrenda #3

Perez, Celia

Dec 24 2015
Sep 30 2011

Orderly Disorder tour: Zine Tour Zine

This summer I went on zine tour. This fall I wrote about it.

Nov 10 2009

Library Journal zine reviews column: Zines by People of Color

Thanks and congrats are due my zines bestie Celia Perez for contributing the latest Library Journal zine reviews column on Zines by People of Color.

Aug 20 2009

Welfare Brat

Childers, Mary

I read a lot of autobiographies, but seldom does it occur to me to consider what a feat of memory and bravery it is to get down a rich portrait of one's life. Mary Childers does an admirable job of recalling her impoverished childhood and adolescence in the Bronx, and is pretty out there about what she endured, including her own shaming behaviors. I wonder if her telling the story in the present tense helped her with that? It kind of confused me, so I wish that even if the device helped her memory, that she'd switched it to past tense after the first draft.


He had always been a cruel and violent drunk, but when he dangled Lacey out of a window because she wasn't his kid, Mom ditched him. At least that's what she tells us. I'm glad to have a standard for where to draw the line on the kind of abuse to take from men. p.17

I wish my social studies teacher would verify what the old Irish guy told me and Paula about these crowded hills belonging to the Appalachian Mountains. But during the geography unit we only memorized and pierced with pushpins the map locations of natural resources and capitals in Africa, Asia and Central and South America, as if preparing for lifetimes of exile or plunder. p.127

Aug 16 2009
Nov 11 2007

Book Club with Celia

This is to keep track of mine and Celia's book club selections. Not really a blog post. Sorry if it's dull.

Jul 22 2007

back from the midwest

Okay; I've been back from Minneapolis (SHARP conference and Zine Fest) and Chicago (visiting a library school friend) for almost a week, but it's taken me a while to get around to writing it up. First I needed a day off, then I had to focus on catching up on work stuff, and then there was Harry Potter to devour.

Jul 10 2007

SHARP Conference talk on zines

Oh, happy day, I've pretty much finished a talk I'm giving at the SHARP conference on Friday.