Academic Page

Jenna Freedman
Curator of the Barnard Zine Library, Barnard College Library

203 Milstein Center, Barnard College, Columbia University
3009 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

These are one session classes of 60-90 minutes.
Advanced internet research
Community librarianship and free/open source software (team taught)
Effecting change--activism in your library, in your life Fact checking History of "radical, militant" librarianship
Library research at Barnard/Columbia Library
Research at public libraries
Zines in the classroom
Zines--place in the library, in media

Research Interests
Alternative press
Radical librarians, librarianship
Creating Wikipedia entries for women of color zine makers (Victoria Law and Mimi Thi Nguyen so far), as well as scholar Alison Piepmeier (collaborative project), zine creator Cindy Crabb, writer Kyle Lukoff, and performance artist Marty Pottenger.
Zines and librarianship
Zine publishing, as compared to other self-publications

MA, 2020: Digital Humanities, CUNY Grad Center
MA, 1999: Library and Information Science, University of South Florida
BA, 1989: Theatre, SUNY New Paltz

Selected Publications
Editor, Zine Reviews column, Library Journal, 2008-2012.
Contributing Editor, The Unabashed Librarian, 2000- .

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Presentations List

ALA-APA Angel, ALA-APA, 2008
Elizabeth Futas Catalyst for Change, ALA, 2007
Significant Achievement in Women's Studies Librarianship, ACRL, 2007
Movers & Shakers, Library Journal, 2003
3M/NMRT Professional Development Grant, ALA, 2002
Ebsco Conference Sponsorship, ALA, 2000