Big Zine, Little Zine (a love letter)

Miller, Milo

Milo was in a funk, so ze made an abecedary zine about why ze loves zines and zine culture. I love it so much I'd make one myself, but that would be redundant and inferior because I'd pick most of the same things to go with each letter, and my graphics wouldn't be a thousandth as cute or a millionth as well laid-out.

It's such a sweet, simple thing that I don't want to spoil your enjoyment by telling you what my favorite letters are. Get the zine from Milo for $4 postage paid: QZAP | 2935 N. Fratney St. | Milwaukee, WI 53212 | USA

Cats: Okay maybe one of my letters would have been different. Milo’s C was for Creative Commons, and I’m more of a "fuck copyright" kind of a girl anyway even if CC is about finding an effective and intelligent way to pretty much say "fuck copyright."

Nov 19 2011