Thanksgiving at Occupy Wall Street

Eric and I rode our bikes down to the Occupy Wall Street site to spend Thanksgiving, thinking it might be a nice place to spend the fallacious holiday. I hadn't been down there since Wall Street's Bloomberg's henchpeople kicked everyone out and destroyed and stole their stuff including thousands of library books. It was sad to see the long wall that had served as the People's Library's stacks empty, and protected by some Danger tape and two cops.

We got there after around 3:30, which is about 90 minutes after the food distribution began. It was relatively quiet, and there were plenty of meals left: vegan, vegetarian, and turkey. I'd say the scene was mostly tourists taking pictures of protestors, protestors taking pictures of cops, and cops wishing they were carving turkeys. Highlights for me were DIY projects like some ladies knitting Occupants and some dudes spray painting stuff on people's clothes and fabric swatches.

The ride on the East River bike path was nice, too. Who knew the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges were so far apart?

Check out Eric's photos. I have a certain affection for a picture of cops in a pen, but it probably just means trouble is on the way.


#1 cherie

Thanks, Jenna. I was thinking abt OWS, and talking abt it a ton w my boyfriend's family. It seems sad - so different down there. It was truly a beautiful thing when we had a park for US - thank you for sharing.

#2 Betsy

sorry I missed you. I was down there for a bit w/my little one but we took off just before 3:30. it's not what it used to be. & I'm really pissed off abt that danger tape. still, people seemed pretty festive & there was plenty of pie.

#3 jenna

I guess they believe the WWII propaganda: Books Are Weapons in the War of Ideas.

Sorry I missed you, too!