Jun 04 2009

Grassroots Media Conference 2009 Report Back

Radical Reference conducted two workshops and tabled at this year's Grassroots Media Conference. We've been participating in the conference for five years (or so) and a partnering organization for the last two. It's one of my favorite conferences, with lots of sessions I want to attend, even though I don't really consider myself a media maker in the same way that most of the attendees do. I make zines and blog and all that, but it's not with a journalistic intent.

Jun 01 2009

LCSH Week 16: snot as a renewable energy source?

Oops. I accidentally skipped Week 16 of the Library of Congress Subject Headings lists

This week on LCSH Watch:

  • Amateur journalism
  • Citizen journalism
  • Bisexuals—Relations with heterosexuals
  • Clapper (Musical instrument)
  • Evolution (Biology)—Religious aspects—Christianity
  • Nuclear families
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Romance films
Jun 01 2009

Dead to the World

Harris, Charlaine

Four books into the Sookie Stackhouse series, I'm finally willing to admit I'm getting hooked. That's not entirely stubbornness or snobbery talking; only with this one and it's predecessor, Club Dead did I read the books in a hurry. Plus, I liked that Harris thanked a librarian, Doris Ann Norris, in her acknowledgments page.

May 31 2009
May 29 2009


Shea, Lisa

Because I've been reading such crap lately, I sort of forced myself to finish this literary novel even though I wasn't enjoying it so much. It's actually quite poetically written; it just didn't grab me. The narrator is a pre-teen with an angry older sister, a fucked up veteran father, and a mother who doesn't have much of a presence in their lives. They've also got a dog that keeps getting knocked up and a bunny with no tail. That's all I've got to say about the book. Sorry.

May 27 2009
May 28 2009

LCSH Week 17: where LC pairs food & wine, but not punks and parenting

This week on LCSH Watch, we examine

  • Beneficiaries
  • DNA fingerprinting (Islamic law)
  • Food and wine pairing
  • God—Wrath
  • Gods—Wrath
  • Golf tournament programs
  • Submarines on postage stamps

...and I agitate for INFOSHOPS and PUNK PARENTING, per my latest mailing from the notorious Sandy Berman.

May 27 2009

Reviews of Vampire Fiction for Young Adults

I couldn't remember the name of a teen vampire series I saw the last time I was at the Tompkins Square branch of the New York Public Library. They didn't have the first book in the series, so I told myself I'd remember it. Ha! So I typed {ya fiction vampires} into a search engine and came up with Vampire Fiction for Young Adults as the first result. I immediately recognized Blue Bloods as the series I was after, and I'll be able to mine the site for more teen vamp books as soon as I'm done with the Blue Bloods. Just thought I'd share. (Maybe all y'all teen librarians know about Monster Librarian, but us ignorant academics aren't quite as well-informed.)

May 26 2009

Zines from a Tennessee Public Library

Because I was a little busy and stressed when the latest Library Journal zine reviews column came out on May 7, I didn't get around to mentioning it. The May 2009 column, contributed by Jerianne Thompson, Zines from a Tennessee Public Library: Or, Stop Being a Wuss and Start a Collection Already! reviews zines held at the Linebaugh Public Library in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. In choosing the theme for this issue, I wanted to show that zines aren't just for Yankee liberals, that they can and do serve the public in all types of libraries and geographic locations.

In case you didn't know, Jerianne is Wonder Woman.

From Dan Halligan's larger photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/dan10things/3361154368/sizes/o/

And here's why...

May 25 2009

If Bloomberg Wants to Buy the Election, Let Him Really Pay for It

I want to point my fellow New Yorkers to this article by Steve Wishnia in The Indypendent. The conceipt of the piece is that since Bloomberg is going to buy the Mayoral election anyway, then we shouldn't let him have it for the mere $80 million he's likely to spend on advertisement, but that we should demand the full $11.5 billion he has earned since becoming NYC mayor in 2001. (His "worth" then was $4.5 billion; now it's 16.) Wishnia portions out the 11.5 B on the MTA, housing, education, jobs, alternative energy, health, etc.

May 24 2009

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home

Whedon, Joss (script)
Jeanty, Georges (pencils)
Lee, Paul (pencils, "The Chain")

The Long Way Home, which I got from the Miami-Dade Public Library via Columbia interlibrary loan, takes up where the tv show leaves off, more or less. So far having read the first and third installment, I haven't really learned much about what happened immediately after the destruction of the hellmouth and Sunnydale, just that Buffy, the surviving Scoobies, and the potentials have relocated to Europe. And that somehow along the way, Dawn got turned into a giant, which is possibly some kind of mystical STD.

May 23 2009
May 22 2009

LCSH Week 15: of celebrity pets, lima beans, and tricksters

Library of Congress Subject Headings Weekly List 15 (April 15, 2009)

  • Celebrities' pets
  • Child celebrities
  • Indian men
  • Lima bean--believe me, it's well worth your while to read the whole entry to identify this wily legume's sixteen aliases
  • Tricksters in motion pictures and Tricksters on television