Sep 07 2009

Boggle Dominance, for the Librarians

Over a year and a half ago I linked to WordsPlay, an online Bogglish game where you compete in real time against other players. Since then I've discovered a whole new geekarrific angle to it. One of the options is to play as a team. Anyone can join a team, they just have to make their team name the same as yours. e.g. Team Librarians (case sensitive, I believe). I find that if I team up with even one other librarian, we pretty much dominate the game.

Sep 07 2009

LCSH Week 34: of Castanet players, Dating shows, and Rockabilly subculture, not to mention Income tax deductions

This week on LCSH Watch:

  • African American women college students
  • Castanet players

  • Dating shows (Television programs)
  • Income tax deductions
  • Memory—Sociological aspects
  • Prosecution—Decision making
  • Rockabilly subculture

  • Skis and skiing—Religious aspects
  • Snowboarding—Religious aspects
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Word of God

And some fussbudgetry from moi.

Sep 07 2009

LCSH Week 33: in which LC welcomes Schoolboys in literature and allows Polarization (Social sciences) to Subd Geog

This week on LCSH Watch

  • Air signs (Astrology)
  • Earth signs (Astrology)
  • C♯ (Computer program language)
  • Child trafficking
  • One‑way streets—Conversion to two‑way streets
  • Polarization (Social sciences)
  • Schoolboys in literature

  • Work environment
Sep 07 2009

Prom Nights from Hell

Cabot, Meg
Harrison, Kim
Meyer, Stephenie

This anthology with an unattributed editor (someone had to select the authors, right?) collects stories from YA and paranormal fiction authors Meg Cabot (Princess Diaries), Kim Harrison (the Hollows series), Michele Jaffe (Bad Kitty), Stephenie Meyer (Twilight), and Lauren Myracle (Rhymes with Witches).

Sep 7 2009
Sep 06 2009

Catching Fire

Collins, Suzanne


Sep 5 2009
Sep 02 2009

LCSH Week 32: LC welcomes Nipples and Male reproductive health

This week on LCSH Watch (week 32):

  • Apologizing in literature
  • Figural corkscrews

  • Imperialism in popular culture
  • Imperialism on television
  • Male reproductive health
  • Nipple (Anatomy)
  • Nipple (Anatomy)—Size
  • Nipple augmentation
  • Police morale
  • Terrorism (Islamic law)
Sep 01 2009

Miranda: Motherhood and Other Adventures, #19

Haas, Kate

I meant to write about the last issue Kate sent me, too. Since I never got around to it with #18, I'd better just get to #19 right away. I will start by saying LOVE Miranda. It's one of my favorite zines.

Aug 29 2009
Sep 01 2009

CFP: National Diversity in Libraries Conference, 2010 - DEADLINE approaching!

The 2010 National Diversity in Libraries Conference, NDLC2010: From Groundwork to Action, will take place from July 14-16, 2010 in Princeton, NJ. The National Diversity in Libraries Conference (NDLC) is a biennial event that serves as a regional meeting for library staff members to discuss diversity issues, especially issues common to the host region's culture.

The 2010 NDLC Planning Committee invites you to submit a proposal for presentation at the conference.

Aug 31 2009

I [Heart] NYC: Well, Not Really, but I'm Trying

Plumb, Amanda

I ended up with a second copy of this reluctant New Yorker's guide to New York City and so had to decide whether the second one would go to the Barnard zine stacks or come home with me. I've decided I need it on hand for all future house guests. In addition to providing excellent food, entertainment, art, and cultural recommendations, Amanda writes cute essays about helping tourists take better photographs and subway incidents (maybe a little less cute, but still somehow cuddly).

Aug 18 2009
Aug 31 2009

Definitely Dead

Harris, Charlaine

If you're paying attention--and I don't blame you if you're not--in my last Sookie Stackhouse novel review, I complained about "every unrelated heterosexual man in Sookie's life being totally hot for her." Well, that question is answered in book six of the series.

Aug 30 2009