Dec 04 2009


Ayarbe, Heidi

Searching for a long-lost (actually never known to her) family member, 15-year-old Maya eludes an icky foster care placement (Christians, with a would-be-Dad whose eyes rest at chest level) and takes to the mean streets of northwest Nevada and southeast Idaho. Ayarbe (Freeze Frame) draws a convincing sketch of teenage life on the run and also the familial bonds that develop between traveling companions. Bad things happen in this book and there is no romantic subplot.

Dec 4 2009
Dec 01 2009

of bears and femmes

Dear Gay Cataloging Mafia and other concerned parties:

The Lezbrian Yahoo! group is a talkin' about subject headings. Brenda J. Marston wonders why if "Bears (Gay culture)" has been adopted as a Library of Congress Subject Heading, why not "Butch," "Femme (Lesbian culture)," and "Butch and femme." Me, too!

I might argue for "Femme (Queer culture)" though, since the femmes whose zines I catalog use Queer almost exclusively over Lesbian. Brenda tells me that Cornell has a 653 for "Butch and femme (Sexual orientation)."

Nov 30 2009

LCSH Week 46: It's the Great snipe and the Lesser white-fronted goose, Charlie Brown!

LCSH Week 46, November 18, 2009
This week on LCSH Watch:

  • Bluejoint reedgrass

  • Cod Wars, Iceland, 1958-1976
  • Cookery (Champagne)
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Fragmented industries
  • Great snipe

  • Lesser white fronted goose

  • Sewage—Purification—Selenium removal
  • Team Orientation and Behavior Inventory
  • Wine coolers
Nov 29 2009

Passion of Alice, the

Grant, Stephanie

A year or two ago I read Stephanie Grant's Map of Ireland, which I liked and admired, but don't remember all that strongly, and I didn't like and admire it enough to seek out other books by Ms. Grant. That was dumb because The Passion of Alice, her first novel is the perfect balance of cerebral and engaging. It's about a 25 year old in treatment for anorexia.

Nov 29 2009
Nov 29 2009

LCSH Week 45: retrospective thesis cataloging at UW is a total turn on, plus LC officially recognizes Global warming

LCSH Week 45, November 11, 2009

This week on LCSH Watch:

  • Biopiracy
  • Body image in girls
  • Bowling for girls

  • Cookery (Sourdough)
  • Sourdough bread
  • Corn—Effect of global warming on
  • Global warming
  • Ferruginous duck

CC licensed by VSmithUK

  • Gender identity in the Bible
  • Junior high school girls
  • Subject headings
Nov 28 2009

Cultivate Diversity database

The Cultivate Diversity database is a nifty tool from the Ocean County Public Library in New Jersey. You use it to find program and collection ideas for different service populations, by community, age group, or difficulty (amount of work it takes to produce).

Nov 22 2009

LCSH Week 44: of Captive penguins, Mouth music, and Medicare beneficiaries, White

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Captive penguins

CC licensed by consumerfriendly

  • Deforestation
  • Employment practices liability insurance
  • Horsemen and horsewomen

CC licensed by the doodlers

  • Male athletes
  • Medicare beneficiaries, White
  • Mouth music

CC licensed by db*photography

  • Non monogamous relationships in literature
  • Post-abortion syndrome
  • Theatrical wigs
  • Trust receipts
  • Wetland mitigation banking
  • Women in the theater
Nov 21 2009

Little Brother

Doctorow, Cory

My summary of this not-too- far-in-the-future dystopia in four haiku stanzas:

The Department of
Homeland Security runs
amok post attack.

Hacker teens fight the
power and teach the reader
about crypto tech.

Teen reader primer
on history, politics
and the internet.

Plus boy meets girl.
Parents are dumb then helpful.
Ends with vote or die.

Nov 18 2009
Nov 21 2009


Thank dog I still check my RSS feeds once in a while. I would hate to miss any of the infrequent entries to lolbrarians.

Nov 19 2009

Fierce and Fabulous: Elisabeth Irwin HS feminism class


Ileana Jiménez


Elisabeth Irwin high school class visit from the Barnard Library Zine Collection