Jun 13 2009

LCSH Week 19: If they won't give me FOUND POETRY, I'll find my own

LCSH Watch: Week 19

Tune in this week for

  • Alien labor
  • Alien criminals
  • Ghost slug
  • Radio listening clubs
  • some poetry I found in the Summary of Decisions, Editorial Meeting Number 19 (Why don't they say no. 19?)


Jun 12 2009

The Pumped Librarian

Welcome to the biblioblogosphere Pumped Librarian Nicole Pagowsky!

I know Nicole from zines and from Radical Reference, where she jumped in right away and started answering questions while in library school. She's got a temp job right now, folks, so you've still got a chance to hire before she gets snapped up by someone else!

Jun 11 2009

Ashley and Tiana

Dreistadt, Jessica R.

Bringing together the two 12-year-old oddballs at Summer Science Camp, Ashley and Tiana is about the relationship between a middle class punk Jewish girl from Greenwich Village and a working class African-American hip hopper from the Bronx. (Is "hip hopper" correct? Should I have said "hip hop fan"? "Hip hop aficionado"?)

Jun 10 2009
Jun 10 2009

Dog Collar Murders, the

Wilson, Barbara

The Dog Collar Murders is the third in a mystery series with Pam Nilsen, political lesbian, as the unofficial detective. It's really weird for me to start in the middle of a series, so I'm not sure where I heard of this. Perhaps in the "also by Seal Press" section in the back of Skin, or maybe even referenced in an essay in that book about the "Barnard Sex Scandal." Wilson's book is about murders that take place during and after a sexuality conference in Seattle in 1988 or so (six years after the event that rocked Barnard and feminists all over the U.S.). The book, which is kind of niche, was published by Seal Press, which was "founded in 1976 as a small DIY publisher to provide a forum for women writers and feminist issues."

Jun 9 2009
Jun 08 2009

"following orders" inadmissable?

In a letter dated June 2, 2009, Sandy Berman writes to Eric Holder, Attorney-General:

"I'm hardly an expert on international law.
"Just a retired librarian.
"But since Nuremberg, isn't 'following orders'
inadmissible as a defense against charges of
committing torture, atrocities, and war crimes?

"With warmest regards,
"Sanford Berman"

Jun 07 2009

LCSH Week 18: of Infant Psychiatry, Organic Beer, and Presidents Pets

This week on LCSH Watch:

  • French restaurants
  • Infant psychiatry
  • Organic beer
  • Presidents' pets
  • various countries wit and humor
Jun 06 2009

Sarah's Key

De Rosnay, Tatiana

I almost put this book down because I disliked the opening so much, but I persevered. When possible, I try to stick with Nancy Pearl's recommendation that you give the book 50 pages to convince you. Plus it was the only book I had at Eric's place, so I had to either give it more of a shot or brave the cool, wet June weather and walk the two blocks to my house for a better selection.

What I didn't like in the beginning was how childishly de Rosnay portrayed a child, but that got better as soon as the kid broke out of the Vel' d'Hiv, thus avoiding death at Auschwitz. That sort of thing matures a ten-year-old fast, and even the person writing her life has to respect that.

By page 40 or so, the story, which is told alternately in the third person about the ten-year-old (Sarah) and from the first person point of view of an American expatriate (Julia) living in Paris with her French husband and daughter, gets pretty compelling.

Jun 6 2009
Jun 04 2009


De La Cruz, Melissa

The second book in the Blue Bloods series begins where the last one leaves off. Our heroine is trying to solve the mystery of who is preying on her and her fellow teenage vampires, but the all powerful Committee denies that there is any danger.

Jun 3 2009
Jun 04 2009

Blue Bloods

De La Cruz, Melissa

As I've been saying, I've been having a hard time getting into serious literature lately, and so, being on vacation and all, I decided to embrace my love of vampire books and young adult fiction and dig into the Blue Bloods series by Melissa De La Cruz, a Philippines native now living in NY and LA.

Jun 2 2009
Jun 04 2009

Grassroots Media Conference 2009 Report Back

Radical Reference conducted two workshops and tabled at this year's Grassroots Media Conference. We've been participating in the conference for five years (or so) and a partnering organization for the last two. It's one of my favorite conferences, with lots of sessions I want to attend, even though I don't really consider myself a media maker in the same way that most of the attendees do. I make zines and blog and all that, but it's not with a journalistic intent.