Jan 11 18:07

The Library of Congress recognizes Rape in universities and colleges

Highlights from the December 2014 SACO editorial meeting and LCSH monthly list.

Photo from a demo against campus rape culture at Columbia University, from Carry That Weight blog.

Jan 11 16:31

Station Eleven

Mandel, Emily St. John

It took me a little while to get into this post-pandemic novel, but once I was in it, I was uncomfortably in the lonely world where only .6% of the population survives a flu outbreak. I'm still not getting a flu shot, btw.

Jan 8 2015
Jan 11 15:30

Accordions, Animals, & Anarchy: A to Z in Words & Pictures

rasmussen, debbie

My sweet friend debbie's NaNoWriMo project was to finish projects like this wonderful abecedary zine. She draws animals to illustrate some of her favorite things.

Jan 4 2015
Jan 05 14:29

Inbox Zero TIMES TWO

I am at this moment INBOX ZERO at work and at home. I never dreamed this day would come.

Jan 04 20:52


Collins, Suzanne

This is my second time through the Hunger Games series. I don't think I cared last time, but this time, I've concluded that I'm #TeamPeeta.


In the hospital, I find my mother, the only one I trust to care for them. It takes her a minute to place the three, given their current condition, but already she wears a look of consternation. And I know it's not a result of seeing abused bodies, because they were daily fair in District 12, but the realization that this sort of thing goes on in 13 as well.

Jan 4 2015
Jan 04 12:42

Diverse Books Pledge

I read diverse books to combat mass media's constant assertion of white, male, Christian, heterosexual as default. Also, because Celia said to.

Jan 03 13:00

Beyond Belief: The Secret Lives of Women in Extreme Religions

Tive, Susan
Ostman, Cami

I'm interested in the topic and would probably read a full-length work on most of the authors' lives in extreme religions, but the short essay doesn't work. The cover is pretty, and a lot of the writing is good. And there are some good quotes. I like how Naomi J. Williams characterizes her parents' disgust with "church-hoppers," as "ecclesiastically promiscuous."

Jan 1 2015


I have a zine shop, and it's more up to date than this page.