Dear LC, how about a little solidarity?

In preparing to catalog the zine I Went to Palestine, I wanted to be able to describe it as an International Solidarity Movement publication.

LC doesn't think so. Instead I used Palestine $xPolitical activists, but that's not really the same thing, is it?

So I wrote them a nice note in their suggest terminology thingamabob:

I recommend adding terminology for International Solidarity Movement. A search in the LC catalog for < "international solidarity" > yields 57 results.

< "international solidarity movement" > yields 4, any of which looks like it would make an excellent warrant.

I didn't mention that two other zines come immediately to mind:

The Missing Peace: Truth and justice in Israel/Palestine, Laila and Ronni
Rachel's Letters, Rachel Corrie


#1 Bill

Perhaps you were looking in the wrong database. The International Solidarity Movement is an organization. There is a corporate name authority record for it in the name authority file, and has been since 2003.

#2 jenna

Thanks, Bill! I guess I was.