Carrie McNinch: What does she do?

Have you ever noticed that long time zine maker Carrie McNinch never writes about or draws what she does for a living in her minicomics?

Not everyone's job is in the title of their zine like mine is, but presuming a zine publisher isn't independently wealthy (ha!), you'd think someone who draws a daily comic might refer, once in a while, even briefly, to something they do most days: work.

It's not uncommon for zinesters to hide their zine activities and personae from their employers, even while running off hundreds of copies of their zines on their work photocopier, but I'm not sure I've ever heard of a zinester hiding their work from the zine community.

I'm not the kind of person who enjoys having secrets kept from her, so I've gone to the trouble of figuring out what Carrie does for a living. Well, of making several educated guesses:

  • black ops (obviously--it would explain the secrecy and so much else)
  • fit model, because she's not the type to brag
  • exotic pet groomer (reptiles)
  • diamond broker, which was glamorous until that Blood Diamond movie came out and ruined it
  • Carl's Jr. regional manager--too many zinesters are vegans for this to be a cool line of work
  • trophy wife, which would totally ruin her lesbian cred, unless she's a lesbian trophy wife?
  • Reader's Digest California stringer, a career in mainstream publishing is definitely not something you'd brag about at the zinefest
  • executive secretary at The Hallmark Channel--she does live in LA, so I'm guessing it's something industry related
  • Mary Kay lobbyist (she couldn't share this dark secret because then we'd all know that she doesn't wear the same cat t-shirt and cut-offs every day)
  • corrections officer
  • Kenter Whoops PR--this is the one I'm betting on. She mentions KW in every single issue of You Don't Get There From Here. It would be terrible to find out that she makes the zine solely to promote a trail. It's all a scam! I bet she doesn't even run!

If you happen to know Carrie's occupation, for real, please whisper it in the comments.


#1 sean

The answer you seek can be found within the pages of Not My Small Diary #16!

#2 jenna

Are you saying I'm not right, then?

#3 Ayun Halliday

Well, I don't want to betray her confidence or nothing, but having seen her place of employ...high priced escort. Call person. Closets full of boas and high heeled shoes. Tell the world.

#4 jason

I think she is a professional dog walker as well as does the tidying in the guest rooms for the people who rent rooms at her roommates' place.
Also she's in the mafia.