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Jan 16 15:07

Death, Dickinson, and the demented life of Frenchie Garcia

Torres Sanchez, Jenny

Jan 14 2016
Aug 29 2010


Miller-Lachmann, Lyn

This book got me to wondering about the Ls, who moved in down the street from me when I was a kid. They were from Chile, but I have no idea if they fled oppression or sneaked out with their money. Probably the former, given the timing, but I think my parents didn't like them, so I don't know. Anyway, this book is written mostly from the point of view of the son of a Chilean political prisoner. While the father, Marcelo, was being tortured in jail, his wife, eleven-year-old son Daniel, and eight-year-old daughter Tina emigrated to Madison, Wisconsin. Eventually the family is reunited, but Marcelo is very broken. At seventeen Daniel is doing pretty well; he has a girlfriend, excels at soccer, and plays guitar in a band. His sister isn't thriving quite as handily, and I'm not sure about Mamá.

Aug 28 2010
Nov 10 2009

Library Journal zine reviews column: Zines by People of Color

Thanks and congrats are due my zines bestie Celia Perez for contributing the latest Library Journal zine reviews column on Zines by People of Color.