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Jan 29 2012

Encyclopedia of Doris: Stories, Essays and Interviews, the

Crabb, Cindy

The Encyclopedia of Doris is more than the sum of its Dorises. I'm often not crazy about zine collections because zines read better individually. They're complete unto themselves and are particular to the moment they're published. With the Encyclopedia Cindy edited together nine years of Doris content, plus articles and interviews from other zines and magazines, and so it reads like a complete work, rather than awkwardly connected episodes.

Jan 26 2012
Oct 11 2011

Occupy Wall Street and me

I wrote a report back on going to the Occupy Wall Street Library (OWSL) with Radical Reference this weekend over on the Rad Ref site.

I thought I might follow up, perhaps a little defensively, but I mean it to be reflective, on one of the things I brought up, and that is my feeling ashamed that I/we hadn't gotten involved sooner. Folks from the library first reached out to us on 9/21, but we couldn't rally to get involved. Five, even three years ago, we probably would have been engaged with the project from its conception, maybe even conceiving it ourselves.

Jan 29 2011

Confessions of a Prairie Bitch: How I Survived Nellie Oleson and Learned to Love Being Hated

Arngrim, Alison

I delighted at the idea of this book, recommended to me by fellow Library Underground denizen Amy Mullin. I mean, who doesn't love a juicy tv child star memoir? What I didn't realize is that while Prairie Bitch, written by the actor who played the bad guy on Little House on the Prairie, does have some salacious details (What was up with Melissa Sue Anderson?!?), it's also a moving and funny account of the AIDS activist and incest survivor's life. Plus, she's huge in France.

Jan 25 2011
Oct 22 2009

Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women

Law, Victoria

Vikki Law, who also edits a zine by and for incarcerated women called Tenacious, has written a dense (664 endnotes!), but eminently readable chronicle of the struggles and travails of women in prison.

This book is ridiculously informative, but be warned it is also meant to incite. As Vikki inscribed in my copy, "Remember, prisons don't fall on their own--they need that extra push!"

Oct 22 2009
Nov 03 2007

Sewer, Gas & Electric quote

Here's a quote from Sewer, Gas & Electric: the Public Works Trilogy, a futuristic novel by Matt Ruff that kind of cracked me up...