Sisters Red

Pearce, Jackson

What if Red Riding Hood's wolf was actually a werewolf and Red Riding Hood vowed revenge against the bad doggie who ate her grandma? That's more or less the story Ms. Pearce tells, except that Red Riding Hood is actually sisters, one a fighter and one a lover.

I kept reading this book despite that fact that I didn't find it super compelling because I love young adult novels. But do I still...? Maybe my love affair with teen fiction needs to mature a bit, and I need to be as discerning as I am with literary novels for grown ups. Just because they're so readable, doesn't mean I should keep reading them when they don't grab me.

fyi I've decided to stop writing these reviews as if I could still get into a teenage mindset. I am middle aged, and I enjoy (or used to at least) teen fiction. I'm going to write for people like me in that regard.

As I've said before, I don't want to get into trashing books on this site, so I'll just say I was disappointed by Sisters Red. There was some weak logic, a predictable plot point, and the characters didn't do anything for me. Strong point: girl warriors!

Who wants this book? I'll mail it to the first person to claim it.

btw I list the ISBN of the hardcover due out in June, but what I read was a galley.

Jan 5 2010