Apr 15 2008

ALA Elections: very little advice

In the past I've given my ALA election picks, but I just don't feel as strongly as I used to. In fact, my membership is due for renewal, and I'm on the fence about re-upping.

Okay, a few picks, and a few thoughts...

Apr 10 2008

Feminism in three flavors, coming soon to a catalog near you!!!

My notes on the Library of Congress Subject Headings Weekly List 12 (March 19, 2008), which features the establishment of headings for first, second, and third-wave feminism!

Apr 10 2008

Five links so I won't get in trouble with Lois

Here is another buncha things I wanted to write long posts about but never will get around to:


  • Amelia Bloomer Project, feminist books for children/YA
  • Doodle, meeting scheduler
  • The invisible art and craft of indexing, starring Chris Dodge
  • The Salt Lake City Public Library's Alternative Press Collection, formerly their Zine Collection
  • Small Press League, for self-, small, and micro publishers
  • Apr 09 2008

    best favicon EVAR

    In case you haven't noticed, as part of my recent website upgrade, I ditched the Drupal favicon for one of my own.

    Apr 06 2008

    drupdate: 4.7-5.7

    I updated this site yesterday, from Drupal 4.7 to Drupal 5.7, with much help from Eric. We decided not to move it up to 6.x, since 6.x has some incomplete modules in its core. (If I'm misstating that, it's on me, not Eric, btw.) I thought I'd summarize my experience with the process a bit, since I know there's a lot of interest in Drupal among librarians.

    Apr 04 2008

    WAM Report Back

    Last weekend I attended the Women, Action & the Media conference at MIT in Cambridge, MA. It was generally empowering and exciting to be at an activist event with a probably 90%+ female population--to learn about all the inspiring work being done, especially by young and youngish women of color.

    Apr 03 2008

    STOPLINE: operation sabotage access to information about abortion

    I know it's probably bad form to post the same thing on more than one of my blogs, but it's hard not to when you really really really want to get the word out about something. So, please go see my Radical Reference post on how a government funded database on reproductive health is deliberately sabotaging access to information about abortion. (emphasis added)

    Mar 25 2008

    tab closing link clearout

    I'm trying to clean out my inbox, close Firefox tabs, and in other ways organize my life. I've still got like 15 open tabs, but here are five I managed to close after writing a little summary about them:

    Mar 21 2008

    Welcome to the Catalog, "Punkie Night" and "Christian Rock Music Festivals"

    Welcome to the Catalog, "Punkie Night" and "Christian Rock Music Festivals" LCSH Week 10, 2008, but still no waves of feminism...