May 01 2008

LCSH Weekly Lists 15 and 16

LCSH Weekly Lists 15 and 16

My headings for the headings:
Every subject heading is loved by someone, From Sandy Berman's list, Funny ha ha, Funny strange, Getting it right, Getting it wrong, I'd like to add a few Related Terms to this one, and Wouldn't it be cool if these were all from one book?

Apr 26 2008

Book club with NYSF girls

I'm now in two book clubs, the first with c-dog, and now this one with pals I met working at the Public Theater. (Heather and Kim did carpentry and other tasks for the operations department, Kate and Laura did props, Susan was a sound guy and painter, and I was an electrician.)

This is to keep track of our selections. Not really a blog post. Sorry if it's dull.

Apr 22 2008

Dear Library of Congress, please add cross references to -WAVE FEMINISMS

This post is part of the Radical Reference Library of Congress Subject Heading Suggestion Blog-a-Thon.

While I am over the top that you have adopted the -WAVE FEMINISM headings, I think you could do better on the references. Per my blog post comment of February 2008, this is what I suggest...

Apr 22 2008

Radical Cataloging: the Book

Radical Cataloging: Essays at the Front, edited by K.R. Roberto, which is coming out this summer now has its Table of Contents online. My article, which I'll sooner or later post here in its pre-print version is "AACR2—Bendable but Not Flexible: Cataloging Zines at Barnard College."

Apr 21 2008

In which the Library of Congress welcomes Colony collapse, Fair use, and Public sex

LCSH Weekly List 13, March 26, 2008 and Weekly List 14, April 2, 2008

I have to admit that although it was heady at first, the wind is a bit out of my sails on this whole LCSH watch thing now that the -wave feminisms are in, even if they really do need some cross-references. So now perhaps my next target subject heading is Freeganism.

I'm particularly excited this time around to welcome Fair use (Copyright) to the wonderful world of Library of Congress Subject Headings, but as you can see I've also got some questions and quibbles.

Apr 18 2008

Sandy Berman Subject Headings

Today instead of picking apart the Library of Congress Subject Headings Weekly List, I'm going through Sandy Berman's personal scorecard, an older version of which can be found on his website. I am using a version dated April 15, 2008. Stay tuned for an html version on the Radical Reference site, where there will also be info on a coordinated day of submitting subject heading recommendations to LC, on April 27, 2008.

Apr 18 2008

kitty names

Eric and I are hoping to adopt a cat and a kitten in the next few weeks. Until I can once get my hands on a furry little belly and worship a triangle nose, I'm occupying my kitty lust by coming up with names. I know we should wait and see what the animals are like before we name them, but I figure if people can determine their baby's name before they meet him/her, I can at least brainstorm some possibilities for our future felines.

Following is a list of the ideas we've come up with so far, and I hope y'all will comment on them and contribute some more.

Apr 15 2008

ALA Elections: very little advice

In the past I've given my ALA election picks, but I just don't feel as strongly as I used to. In fact, my membership is due for renewal, and I'm on the fence about re-upping.

Okay, a few picks, and a few thoughts...

Apr 10 2008

Feminism in three flavors, coming soon to a catalog near you!!!

My notes on the Library of Congress Subject Headings Weekly List 12 (March 19, 2008), which features the establishment of headings for first, second, and third-wave feminism!

Apr 10 2008

Five links so I won't get in trouble with Lois

Here is another buncha things I wanted to write long posts about but never will get around to:


  • Amelia Bloomer Project, feminist books for children/YA
  • Doodle, meeting scheduler
  • The invisible art and craft of indexing, starring Chris Dodge
  • The Salt Lake City Public Library's Alternative Press Collection, formerly their Zine Collection
  • Small Press League, for self-, small, and micro publishers