Aug 23 21:16

Wanted: the Perfect Librarian of Congress

Jessamyn West has been advocating for the next Librarian of Congress to be a Librarian of Progress. It's something I've been thinking about a lot, too, though not as proactively or articulately as Jessamyn (I can first-name her; she's totally stayed at my house).

I'm referencing the song Jane & Michael Banks sing describing the perfect nanny.

Aug 22 19:12

Librarian Crush of the Indefinite Period: Celina Williams

I'm resurrecting my Librarian Crush series due to the crushworthiness of Celina Williams. (That link is to her blog. She's also on Instagram and Twitter).

From Celina's Facebook gallery

Aug 17 09:39

How about some Microaggressions and Racism in libraries, LC?

Two more requests of our pals at the L of C!