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Dec 06 2007

As the World Burns

Here's another book recommendation. Stephanie McMillan, a cartoon artist whose work I admire, has illustrated a graphic novel called As the World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Stay in Denial by Derrick Jensen that I bet will be kinda yummy. ...

Dec 03 2007

LibraryThing and zines in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Katie Haegele, whose zine I quoted in an earlier post, wrote an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer about using LibraryThing to catalog zines. She also gets a little bit into the social networking attributes of the project. ...

Nov 30 2007

Would you send books to these prisoners?

Part of the Multiple Interpretations: Contemporary Prints in Portfolio at The New York Public Library is a series of doctored mug shots of GWB and some of his cronies. Here's a gallery of the "controversial photos" from the NY Daily News....

Nov 25 2007

email, intercepted

"This message may have been intercepted and read by government agencies including the FBI, CIA, NSA without notice or warrant or knowledge of sender or recipient." a sig quote I first encountered in an email from my spouse. ...

Nov 25 2007

reCAPTCHA--hope it helps protect me from icky spam bots

I installed reCAPTCHA, which I hope will mean less spam comments. With this hope in mind, I've re-enabled comments from anonymous users. Hope this works!

Nov 22 2007

A Vegan Thanksgiving Brought to You by May Wah

Our Thanksgiving for nine (who knew so many people would say yes with only a few days' notice?!?) will feature smoked turkey, roast duck, and a mini-chicken from May Wah Healthy Vegetarian Food Inc. on Hester Street, but will not boast any Codfish Balls. ...

Nov 15 2007

Print Fetish -- the Blog!

This is another link from my friend Susan--Print Fetish blog. Yum! ...

Nov 13 2007

Books on Rice: First Chapters

My friend Susan's friend Trong made an art project involving rice, mylar, gold, and first chapters of four books. ...

Nov 12 2007

Small Press Book Fair 2007

The 20th Annual Independent and Small Press Book Fair will be Saturday, December 1st and Sunday, December 2nd, at the New York Center for Independent Publishing (an educational program of The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen), at 20 West 44th Street in New York City. As always, it's free. ...

Nov 11 2007

Book Club with Celia

This is to keep track of mine and Celia's book club selections. Not really a blog post. Sorry if it's dull.