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Mar 03 2008

LCSH Weekly List 7

Weekly List 07 (February 13, 2008)

This was an especially good week for botany and snails. As usual, not a good week for Third-Wave Feminism. But first, something that sounds a little ominous to me, about which I hope my gov docs savvy pals will respond:

Should I be worried about the change from "publications" to "information" -- seems less responsible, doesn't it? Like the government is distancing itself from what it's saying and like LC is substantiating that?

150 Electronic government information [May Subd Geog]
* 450 UF Electronic government publications [EARLIER FORM OF HEADING]
* 550 BT Government publications

More on the plants, snails, electronic government information, and silly sounding headings...

Feb 25 2008

LCSH Weekly Lists 4-6

Here are my highlights for the last week or three.

Feb 25 2008

LOLcats--will they approve of this post?

It must have been a good weekend at the Cheezburger Factory because today there's a better than average crop of LOLcats. For some reason, I find this one utterly hilarious.

I'm on my lunch break, by the way, in case anyone's wondering.

Feb 25 2008

Coping Skills Librarian sought in Queens

They've got to know at the Queens Library that the title "Coping Skills Librarian" is going to cause some titters.

The position has a noble and much needed mission, "Plans, schedules, organizes, promotes and monitors coping skills programs in languages other than English." and more like that.

Feb 22 2008

stuff white people like blog

Someone posted the link to the Stuff White People Like blog to the NYC Anarchists discussion list. This blog is apt, cruel, and hilarious.

Feb 22 2008

two academic technologies jobs at Barnard

I know it's not the library, but it's the next best thing: Academic Technologies. They're looking to fill two positions, Manager of Student Computing and Associate Director for Educational Technology.

Feb 19 2008

Why does the library of congress hate feminism?

I'm starting a list that I'll update weekly (I hope) of things more important to the Library of Congress Subject Headings deciders than delineating the waves of feminism. Too bad no one has ever written a book on First (LC call # HQ1154 .B267 1987), Second (LC Call # HQ1190 .E89 1995), or Third (LC Call # HQ1115 .W644 2006) Wave Feminism!

Feb 11 2008


After reading Rochelle's blogpost, Confessions of a Technofaux, I'm somehow caught on the idea of listing how tech-savvy you are not, in contrast to the usual blog fare of tech tips. Here are mine...

Feb 07 2008

Welcome to the Catalog: Critical Thinking

I'm making my way through some of the LCSH Weekly Catalog Updates I missed, so forgive me if there are a few more entries like this one in the next few days.

Faves from the week of January 09, 2008 include:
Critical thinking
Home economics
Reality in mass media

Feb 06 2008

* 550 RT Large-breasted women

Large breasted women of the world--you now have your own subject heading, thanks to Sandy Berman who wrote to LC after seeing my complaint about BREAST--SOCIAL ASPECTS as an inadequate term for cataloging a zine about a woman with large breasts.