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Jan 14 2008

Bursting Like a Pomegranate zine

Comp zine call out: Bursting Like a Pomegranate
I want to start a compilation zine of writings about relationship stuff that people don't feel comfortable publishing under their own names.

Jan 04 2008

ALA Midwinter 2008: schedule

Here are my plans, more or less, for the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia (note sorry to anyone reading this via RSS who gets this entry again every time I update it):

Jan 03 2008

Dive Bar at the New York Public Library

The East Village's skankiest bar is collaborating with its neighborhood library, the Tompkins Square Park branch of NYPL on an art exhibit: "22 Years on Marz: A Retrospective of Artists from Marz Bar Since 1986." ...

Dec 30 2007

recyle, reuse, share

I'm on a cleaning and clearing tear, with a goal of purging 20% of my belongings. To that end my spouse Eric and I are hosting a two apartment giving stuff away event on January 5. If you'll be in NYC, let me know, and I'll give you the info.

Then on January 6 we'll haul any remaining electronics to Union Square for the Lower East Side Ecology Center's 5th Annual "After the Holidays"
Recycled Electronics Collection Drive

Dec 23 2007

not gay gay republicans

I just noticed that my friend Laura Quilter is blogging, with the creative and appropriate name, "derivative work." Laura is a librarian turned fair use lawyer, and also an expert is feminist science fiction, btw. A post I thought y'all might enjoy is called "The Republican Shuffle." She's gathered information about Republican sex deniers and their sex scandals.

Dec 21 2007

"Steroid" Scandal Rocks Major League Libraries

From a Spoof Press email I received courtesy of the Library of Congress Professional Guild, AFSCME Local 2910 representing 1600 professionals at the Library of Congress. Saul Schniderman, President:

More than half of the systems responsible for managing the nearly 17 million titles in the Library of Congress catalog have tested positive for prohibited "performance enhancing" content, according to an Inspector General's report expected to be published next month. In a public statement issued by the IG, he stated that "The use of taxonomies, controlled vocabularies, and other performance enhancing content often referred to under the catchall term 'metadata' has long been suspected by Library fans. For much too long, Library owners have simply turned a blind eye, choosing not to question how their high-priced key assets had been able to break one long-standing performance record after another. As long as they were seeing the performance, nobody wanted to question or acknowledge how it was being achieved." The investigation was triggered by anonymous tips and overheard conversations between certain unnamed staff members alluding to "a card catalog on steroids." continued...

Dec 20 2007

78 books, 4 magazines, 20+ blogs, and a Kurt Vonnegut tribute

The Lower East Side Librarian Reading Log is also coming soon to a mailbox near you. The reading log is part of the Winter Solstice Shout Out and also a standalone publication that mostly goes to family members instead of the Shout Out, and when I'm especially neurotic, to friends, as well.

It's reviews/descriptions of all the books I've read between December 2006 and December 2007. ...

Dec 14 2007

Zines Covered in the Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor has a nice article about the endurance of print zines that quotes zine friends, librarian friends, friend friends, zine acquaintances, and me. "Wanted: pen, plain old paper, imagination," by Danielle Dreilinger. ...

Dec 07 2007

Coming Soon: Zine Reviews in Library Journal

Basically I already wrote up the whole thing on Zine Librarians, but just in case you don't happen to already have that blog in your feed reader...Zine Reviews are coming to Library Journal! In March! Yay!!!!!!!! ...

Dec 06 2007

As the World Burns

Here's another book recommendation. Stephanie McMillan, a cartoon artist whose work I admire, has illustrated a graphic novel called As the World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Stay in Denial by Derrick Jensen that I bet will be kinda yummy. ...