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Feb 07 2008

Welcome to the Catalog: Critical Thinking

I'm making my way through some of the LCSH Weekly Catalog Updates I missed, so forgive me if there are a few more entries like this one in the next few days.

Faves from the week of January 09, 2008 include:
Critical thinking
Home economics
Reality in mass media

Feb 06 2008

* 550 RT Large-breasted women

Large breasted women of the world--you now have your own subject heading, thanks to Sandy Berman who wrote to LC after seeing my complaint about BREAST--SOCIAL ASPECTS as an inadequate term for cataloging a zine about a woman with large breasts.

Jan 29 2008

More March conferences

Durr...In my post about spring conferences I forgot two, both of which I'm more or pretty much less helping to plan and execute.

Monday, March 10: Google and Libraries (no link yet, sorry) School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, 8:45AM – 4:30PM

Friday, March 14: Columbia Reference Symposium 309A Butler Library, Columbia University 8:30am-4pm.

Jan 29 2008

Race, Gender and the 2008 Presidential Election

As much as I try to ignore electoral politics and the U.S. president and stuff, I can't help but give the Democratic primary race some thought--about race and gender.

If I weren't working 'til 9 on Thursday, I'd go to this forum at NYU. It's Thursday 1/31 at The Puck Building, 295 Lafayette St., 2nd Fl. from 6:30-8. You're supposed to RSVP.

Jan 25 2008

Conferences, March-May 2008

I'm attending and likely presenting at three conferences this spring, and I'm excited about each one in a way I rarely do about certain giant conferences that meet in such asinine places as Anaheim, California.

These most excellent events are:
The Grassroots Media Conference in NYC on Sunday March 2
Women, Action & the Media in Cambridge, Mass. March 28-30
GLBT ALMS in NYC May 8-10

Jan 15 2008

LCSH weekly lists via email and RSS

I know this is new only to me, but after receiving one issue, I already don't know how I lived before I began my subscription to the Library of Congress Subject Headings Weekly List.

Jan 15 2008

Billy Bragg Covering Phil Och's Tribute to Joe Hill on You Tube

There's a nice Joe Hill / Phil Ochs / Billy Bragg YouTube video. I know it's long, but try to make it to the end for a bit of a chuckle.

Jan 14 2008

ALA Midwinter report back

Here's my report back from ALA Midwinter 2008. I'll fill you in on my experiences with the Chinatown bus, radical librarian/radical techie love, the zine librarians meet-up, a white privilege workshop, Radical Reference, Movers & Shakers, and vegan eats.

Jan 14 2008

Bursting Like a Pomegranate zine

Comp zine call out: Bursting Like a Pomegranate
I want to start a compilation zine of writings about relationship stuff that people don't feel comfortable publishing under their own names.

Jan 04 2008

ALA Midwinter 2008: schedule

Here are my plans, more or less, for the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia (note sorry to anyone reading this via RSS who gets this entry again every time I update it):