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Mar 18 2008

Up with Christian Theology! LCSH Week 09 2008.

Library of Congress Subject Headings Weekly List 09 (February 27, 2008). Here is my semi-regular commentary on Library of Congress Subject Headings. This week: the usual bit on SHes more important than the waves of feminism, and also headings that made me giggle or made me mad, including The addition of the word Christian in a couple of headings, which is a good thing.

Mar 18 2008

Columbia Reference Symposium Report Back

On Friday I attended the "Beyond the Desk" themed 6th Annual Reference Services Symposium at Columbia University.

These are my notes.

Mar 15 2008

So Friendly in the Midwest!

The RNC Welcoming Committee in the Twin Cities has announced that it is ordering tasers for protesters. However, "The Welcoming Committee has no plans to purchase machine guns, rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas, concussion grenades, batons, water cannons or helicopters, all of which will be at the disposal of local police and federal agents in September."

Mar 14 2008

LCSH Weekly List 08, 2008

Here it is, LCSH Weekly List 08 (February 20, 2008). I've divided my favorites into three categories: "Why now / aka it's about time," "Gotta be a lotta books about, way more than about the waves of feminism," and "I don't know what it's all about, but I'm intrigued."

Mar 12 2008

Googling with the Russians

Here's a little report back from the Google and Libraries conference I attended on Monday. The conference was organized to be part of ILIAC (International Library Information and Analytical Center)'s Tenth International Workshop: "Digital Resources and International Information Exchange: East-West." It was held at Columbia University on Monday, March 10, 2008.

Mar 07 2008

BarCamp: DrupalCampNYC4

It's Drupal BarCamp time, once again in NYC, and as usual, I'll be out of town. But if I weren't going to be at WAM, I'd be at Brooklyn Polytechnic learning how to make this site (and others, notably Radical Reference) better.

Sign up now, they're capping registration at 120. It's free. You'll learn the same kind of stuff other groups might charge you $1200 for.

Mar 03 2008

1st LJ Zine Reviews Column

The first Library Journal zine reviews column is out!!!

The print version has a cover image of Sugar Needle. The online links to a couple of the zines' websites. Other than that I think the online is comparable content-wise.

Mar 03 2008

LCSH Weekly List 7

Weekly List 07 (February 13, 2008)

This was an especially good week for botany and snails. As usual, not a good week for Third-Wave Feminism. But first, something that sounds a little ominous to me, about which I hope my gov docs savvy pals will respond:

Should I be worried about the change from "publications" to "information" -- seems less responsible, doesn't it? Like the government is distancing itself from what it's saying and like LC is substantiating that?

150 Electronic government information [May Subd Geog]
* 450 UF Electronic government publications [EARLIER FORM OF HEADING]
* 550 BT Government publications

More on the plants, snails, electronic government information, and silly sounding headings...

Feb 25 2008

LCSH Weekly Lists 4-6

Here are my highlights for the last week or three.