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Jan 25 15:48

Zine-ophile: OSU librarian Kelly McElroy hopes you’ll give zines a look

Kelly has been in Corvallis for about five minutes, and she's already spreading the zine gospel to the good people of Benton County, Oregon.

Photo from article

Jan 11 18:07

The Library of Congress recognizes Rape in universities and colleges

Highlights from the December 2014 SACO editorial meeting and LCSH monthly list.

Photo from a demo against campus rape culture at Columbia University, from Carry That Weight blog.

Jan 05 14:29

Inbox Zero TIMES TWO

I am at this moment INBOX ZERO at work and at home. I never dreamed this day would come.

Jan 04 16:58

The Library of Congress goes slushie

Highlights from the November 2014 SACO editorial meeting and LCSH monthly list.

Jan 04 12:42

Diverse Books Pledge

I read diverse books to combat mass media's constant assertion of white, male, Christian, heterosexual as default. Also, because Celia said to.

Jan 01 2014

Moving over to Tumblr

I'm giving Tumblr a whirl for a while, so please follow me over there to see my book reviews, LCSH analysis and whatever else I bother to post on.

Dec 28 2013

LCSH & SACO Month 11: LC goes glocal

Highlights from the November 2013 SACO editorial meeting and LCSH monthly list.

From Ashton Salazar blog