30 days of thanks, 2010

Here is a compilation of my "30 days of thanks" Facebook updates:

Jenna Freedman is emulating Kisha Hope's 30 days of thanks. Today I am thankful for staycation. Mock the word staycation all you want; I am living the dream.

30 days of thanks: Today I am thankful for cats that chase their tails. Eric wishes they wouldn't do it quite so loudly in the middle of the night, though.

30 days of thanks: I am grateful that I have a good job and a nice place to live. Really.

‎30 days of thanks, day 4: I am thankful for Eric's hot & sour miso soup that tastes like love.

On this 5th day of my 30 days of thanks, I express my gratitude to the universe, the province of Ontario, Jennifer Miller, and everyone who was at Angel Orensanz 5 years ago today, especially Eric.

30 days of thanks, day 6: I am thankful for rubber stamps, glue sticks, and long-handled staplers.

30 days of thanks, day 7: I am thankful for the great haircuts my stepmother Paula gives me. I am thankful for Paula in general, too.

30 days of thanks, day 8: I am thankful for Sandy Berman and his quest for unbiased, up-to-date, and fully representative subject headings. Today's suggestions are "sex-positive feminism" and "sex workers." Currently the latter is merely a cross-reference to "male prostitutes" and "prostitutes."

30 days of thanks, day 9: I am thankful for other people's kids. I see Emiliano and Kellen and Marra and Owen and Siu Loong and Wyeth and I feel like I'm missing someone really important...

‎30 days of thanks, day 10: I am thankful that my sister refuses to travel on Thanksgiving, so our family dinner is on Saturday. I don't like to travel on Thanksgiving either.

‎30 days of thanks, day 11: I am thankful for public libraries and am super psyched that they are open today. I am sorry that public library workers have to work today, though, so I'm bringing cookies. Will someone who will be near the Flatlands branch of Brooklyn PL today or tomorrow bring something yummy to Melissa Morrone?

‎30 days of thanks, day 12: I am grateful to Eric Freedman Goldhagen for all of the yummy meals he makes for me.

30 days of thanks, day 13: I am thankful that my father married my stepmother 27 years ago yesterday.

30 days of thanks, day 14: I'm thankful for the library workers and LIS students of Radical Reference, especially the NYC posse.

30 days of thanks, day 15: I am thankful for ABC No Rio and think everyone should come to the CLOTHESLINE DELUXE Benefit Art Sale + Holiday Party. If you've been meaning to get around to spending time at No Rio, you better do it soon. The walls will come tumbling down this spring.

30 days of thanks, day 16: I am thankful for the interns who improve the Barnard Library Zine Collection with their creativity, intelligence, cataloging mojo, and occasionally photocopying.

30 days of thanks, day 17: I am thankful for toothpaste. That sounds glib, but dental hygiene is not to be taken for granted!

30 days of thanks, day 18: I am thankful for Choice, not to mention all of the other choices available to me in my privileged life.

‎30 days of thanks, day 19: I am grateful for water.

30 days of thanks, day 20: I am thankful that the ZG2NYC is bringing the NYC zine community together. See you tonight at 7!

30 days of thanks, day 21: I am thankful for gossip. I admit it; I adore hearing and dishing the dirt. (PS Emily Drabinski do you object to my use of the semi-colon above? I really think that's what it's for.)

30 days of thanks, day 22: I am thankful for summer. It's coming back eventually, right?

30 days of thanks, day 23: While I typically don't care any more for organized politics than I do for organized religion, today I am thankful for Bernie Sanders.

30 days of thanks, day 24: I am thankful that I got to try on so many lives in my 20s: bookstore clerk, director, activist, poet, electrician. If I'd needed health insurance (e.g. if I'd had asthma or Crohn's disease), I never could have spent so much time as a slacker dilettante.

‎30 days of thanks, day 25: I am thankful for the occasional freegan treat that allows me to relax my veganism and enjoy a chocolate chip cookie. I'm a pretty relaxed vegan to begin with, but it's nice to indulge guilt free.

‎30 days of thanks, day 26: Since I'll be in an automobile most of tomorrow, I'm giving my 12/11 thanks a little early. I am thankful for hospital social workers (including my sister Susan). If you ever need to rescue your loved one from a bunch of specialists who see your loved one as nothing but the organs they specialize in, get a social worker on the case!

30 days of thanks, day 27: I am thankful for old friends.

30 days of thanks, day 28: I am thankful that I get to spend 20% of my work week cataloging zines.

‎30 days of thanks, day 29: I am thankful in the mornings when I wake up with my cat Farfel on my pillow, even/especially when he noses me to the side so I only have 1/8 of the pillow under my head.

30 days of thanks, last day: On my final day of this project, I am thankful for the most important thing in my life, which is my relationship with my partner, Eric Freedman Goldhagen.